Spraytan voor Black Beauty’s

Menataupe Beautycare bestaat uit een groothandel, beautysalon en een opleidingsinstituut gevestigd in Barendrecht.

Gwendolyn Landvreugd begon ooit als succesvolle nagelstyliste in het beautyvak en is de eigenaresse van dit unieke beautyconcept.

Q Wat was je idee achter menataupe?
A Inspiratie door klanten en goed luisteren naar de vraag van klanten. Ik kreeg veel complimenten van klanten over mijn make up en wenkbrauwen, of ik iets met make up en wimpers wil gaan doen en kreeg daardoor de inspiratie voor Menataupe. Als je goed luistert naar de vraag van klanten dan weet je ook waar ergens markt in is. Klanten inspireren mij heel erg.

Q Heb je een belangrijk speerpunt in je carriere en in je bedrijf?
A De combinatie van dicht bij jezelf blijven en niet bang zijn voor concurrentie. Er is altijd een mogelijkheid voor samenwerking en er is altijd wel iets wat je kan toevoegen of waar je een toegevoegde waarde in kan zijn. Ik geloof volledig in de visie van mijn bedrijf. Toen wij bijvoorbeeld begonnen met Spraytan heb ik het eerst ook zelf uitgeprobeerd. Het is namelijk ook voor de donkere huid geschikt omdat je een mooie egale kleur krijgt. De melanine die je in je huid hebt wordt door de zon in Europa niet voldoende opgebrand omdat de zon niet hoog genoeg staat. Met spraytan krijg je dezelfde uitstraling en je hersenen pikken dat gevoel op, het gevoel alsof je net terug bent uit de tropen. Die egale uitstraling is mooi zichtbaar op zowel gezicht als lichaam. Boodschap in deze is dat je absoluut niet bang moet zijn voor iets nieuws en meer out of the box moet blijven denken. Met de keuzes die je maakt is de achterliggende gedachte “The Why” waarom je iets doet is heel erg belangrijk.

Q Heb je een Gouden tip voor iemand die wilt starten in de beauty?
A Wat ik heel veel zie is dat er veel wordt gekopieerd en nagedaan en daar is niets mis mee. Het spreekwoord geeft het immers al aan. Maar het grootste succes van een starter zit hem in het feit dat je iets met volledige passie doet want jij bent namelijk de enige die begrijpt waarom je iets doet. Op die manier zal je slagen omdat je volledig achter je eigen keuzes staat. Je visie moet geboren worden uit een bepaalde passie waarin jij gelooft en alleen jij hoeft hier in te geloven! NIEMAND anders.




I would like to give you a quick review on my latest Hudabeauty purchase;

Faux Mink lashes; Farah #12

What I absolutely love about the faux mink lashes is that they are triple stacked for a more dramatic look.
The lashes also provide a 3D effect that creates a glamorous touch in combination with the extra length.

I must say that this is a musthave for lash lovers!

Lipstrobe; Mystical

The Lip Strobe is a strobing mettalic gloss that comes in 12 shades.

You can use it alone or on top of any other lip color.

It provides volume and shimmer.

To create a more matte look you can use some blothing powder.

This gloss creates kissable lips💋



Morphe Magic

I’am so obsessed with my new Morphe 35N Matte Palette and I have been super excited to blog about it! 
I have heard so many good things from other make up artists about these shadows that it was a must for me to purchase it for my professional make up kit.

In the fall and winter time, I’m really a big fan of matte eyeshadow and matte makeup looks. That was the main reason for me to seek for a palette with a range of color choice and variety of shades.

The brand Morphe Brushes has several eyeshadow palettes in theire range including a matte palette; Morphe Matte 35N.

The pallette consists of 35 colors ranging from nude earth tones to warm tones such as dark plums, red, and browns.

The shades are suitable for your everyday look or for a deep smokey eye. These shadows are so pigmented and easy to blend. I honestly did not expect such amazing pigmentation for this pricerange. For those that like a more intenser pigmented look I recommend to spray some fixation spray on your brush and blend it with your shade.

This palette is definitely a fall/winter make up  MUST HAVE of the moment.

#Morphebabe #Morphebrushes



Yves Saint Laurent

It’s always nice to work for a beautiful brand. And certainly one of the most glamorous luxury one; Yves Saint Laurent


During my promotion for YSL, I was working on makeovers and touch ups. In this way, the ladies got in my YSL chair and create a nice and good impression of the make up products and looks. 


The focus was mainly on the new FALL LOOK with the name PRETTY METAL with intense black, cobalt blue and berry colors.

I am very excited about Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation! 

This product creates a nice satin smooth effect. In addition, there is a SPF 19 in processed.

The Kiss & Blush lipstick was also one of my favorite products to work with. It can be used for both the lips and the cheeks. The velvety texture consists of a cream which creates a matte finish.

During these kind of assignments, it is always a privilege to do make up and make people very happy with a better version of themselves!


Aïcha Pure Beauty

Good skin care is essential for a beautiful healthy skin and also the most important step in your beauty ritual. For my work, it is therefore very important to stay ahead of all new developments and products in the skincare industry.

I came in contact with the skin care products of Aïcha Pure Beauty at Rotterdam Fashion Week. The beautiful packaging and interesting products immediately caught my attention. The productline is suitable for all skin types and hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

FullSizeRender (12)

CEO and Founder of Aïcha Pure Beauty Cheryl Tevreden indicates that she has always been interested in the cosmetics industry and therefore the choice was made ​​to launch a hair and skincare line. Cheryl is an energetic and inspiring entrepeneur who talks with passion and joy about her work and unique brand. Her beautiful glowing and flawless skin made me more curious ​​to use the products!

CEO Cheryl Tevreden
CEO Cheryl Tevreden

The main ingredient of Aïcha Pure Beauty is Argan oil.
In Morocco Argan Oil is refered to as “liquid gold”,and this is also reflected in the style of the brand and the packaging of the products.

Argan Skin Therapy Rollerball
The rollerball contains antioxidants and it hydrates the fine lines under your eyes. Because of the ball you automatically massage your skin around your eyes for a soft and smooth feeling. The product also helps to prevent dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes. Your eyelashes will be delighted with the rollerball because it serves as a eyelash growth serum!

Argan Skin Therapy Rollerbal

Argan Anti-Ageing Cream
Delicious full cream with flower and plant extracts that provide a wonderful scent. The formula is made to prevent your skin from the signs of skin ageing. The rich texture of the cream gives your skin  extreme hydration. Wonderful to use because it works on healing blemishes, narrowing your pores and mattifying the skin. That’s why it’s perfect as a makeup primer!
My makeup stays flawless al day long and even my t-zone is less oily than before.

Argan Anti- Ageing Cream
Argan Anti- Ageing Cream

Argan Skin Therapy
The miraculous oil makes your skin super soft and provides a nice glow for a dewy effect. You immediately notice that your skin absorbs the nourishing oil. The combination of argan oil and vitamin B results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on your face. By using this oil you immediately increase the hydration and nourishment level, which is very important to maintain a healty and smooth skin.

Argan Skin Therapy
Argan Skin Therapy

The reason why you have to start using these products: Because it’s pure!

Aïcha Pure Beauty skincare is a solid and essential element in my beauty routine.

I can’t live without this wonderful liquid gold!

Too Faced Beauty Experts Darlings

image5On my holiday in Pineda de Mar, I obviously had to pay a visit to Sephora in Barcelona.
I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I visit this make up mecca. During my two-hour ( 🙂 ) visit i’ve noticed a super nice travel-size box of Too Faced Cosmetics.

It turned out to be a collection of the top four bestsellers tested by American beauty experts like Jeannie Mai and Vegas Nay. Therefore I became very curious about the contents of this package which included travelsizes of the Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer, Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, Better Than Sex Mascara and La Creme Lipstick. Since the Better Than Sex Mascara was high on my wishlist, I was sold!

When it comes to the Better Than Sex Mascara I must sadly admit that this mascara actually is better than sex! No man on earth is able to give me the same satisfaction like this amazing mascara can. Nothing beats a good lash day and I prefer my lashes on fleek.FullSizeRender

My lashes look beautiful with only a few applications with this massive full applicator. Thanks to the fibers,your lashes receive a huge boost in terms of extension and volume. No more serums or other miracle cures for my lashes!

Because of my addiction for nude lippies, I was eager to start swatching with the Naked Dolly lipstick. image4 (1)

At Sephora the sales girl said that this nude lipstick was better for people with a lighter complexion. Offcourse I disagreed and like Kanye would say; “You aint got the answers!” 😀
With a lightbrown/darkbrown lip pencil you can create a beautiful color for the darker complexion. La Creme lipstick: It’s all in the name. A good moisturizing lipstick with a long lasting finish.

Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow primer is really a beauty musthave for women with oily skin.
Because of its fine texture it is very easy to apply on your eyelids and it pulls quickly into your skin.

image6This allows you to immediately apply your eyeshadow unlike with other primers.The great thing about this primer is that it prevents creasing between your eyelids and your eye makeup look remains the same color and maintained throughout the day.

The Chocolate soleil matte bronzer is ideal for mattifying the oily T zone. It is also very nice to contour along if you’d rather prefer powder instead of liquid products. I find it very useful for all skin complexions. Lighter complexions can use the Chocolate soleil as a bronzer and mattifying powder.


It suits great as a highlighter or mattifying powder as finish for the dark complexions. Oh…..and the Cocoa scent is very tasty yum yum gimme some more!

Too Faced Beauty Darlings kit : Must Have of the Moment!

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