Sexy Brow Essential

Fashion trends are a big form of influance to the shape of the eyebrows. Currently BOLDBROWS (fully trimmed eyebrows) are a big hype in the magazines and social media.

Beautiful eyebrows automatically create a beautiful face expression. That’s why it’s very important to take good notice and care of the following steps when shaping your eyebrows;
-the shape of your face (round, oval, angular, long ..)
-the shape of your eyes
-the color and texture of your eyebrow makeup

By plucking you remove excess hair that grows just outside your desired shape. You can also trim your eyebrows to get a more forward form. But which product is suitable to create a nice and even colored AND natural looking eyebrow ..?

A pencil?

A browpomade?

A brow powder?

As an makeup artist I am constantly testing various makeup products. 
I’m a fan of a dark brown eyebrow pencil when it comes to coloring and browshaping. Until one of my clients offered me a sample of the Brow Extender from Divaderme Cosmetics.
Divaderme Brow Extender is composed of fibers made from natural ingredients and minerals. The fibers are semi permanent and waterproof. These fibers give your eyebrows the effects of more hair and volume. Besides the fact that the Brow Extender makes your eyebrows nice uniform color throughout and it is once again caring for the natural moisturizers that are incorporated into the fibers. What else do you want!

The Brow Extender applies on very easily. After you have fixed your eyebrows into shape, place the fibers gradually between your hairs.

I think it’s nice to finish with an eyebrow gel so my eyebrow shape is fly and fierce all day long.

This amazing product is hypoallergenic, it contains no parabens or gluten and it is not tested on animals.

The Brow Extender is available in the colors Espresso Brown Ash Blonde and Cappuccino Brown.

I myself use Espresso Brown.

“Divaderme : BROWS IN A BOTTLE”


Ethnic diversity in the beauty industry

Through my work as a sales consultant and makeup artist , I am closely involved in the developments of the beauty industry.

However , I came to the conclusion that as a woman from an ethnic minority I do not always recognize myself in the market segmentation of various brands.
  Every women wants to look good and take good care of herself. 

A nice appearance creates empowerment and enhances your identity.
The ads and campaigns mainly show a typical stereotype kind of women. In relation to todays multicultural society this makes no sense. 
The use of these stereotypes may therefore unconsciously create an undesirable influence on the effect of the advertisement and the image of the brand.

After thoroughly studying and analyzing various cosmetics magazines , social media campaigns, and different brands it came clear something was missing; The visible presence of more color and diversity.

A few brands are already using ethnic minorities in their advertisements.   


Unfortunately not all brands al integrated when it comes to the demographics of our modern multicultural society.

The society we live in has a large diversity of populations that are a very interesting target audience for the cosmetics industry.

Bring more variety in the beauty industry asap! 😃

             “BEAUTY IN EVERY SHADE”

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